Local Indonesian Favorite

Chef's Recommendation

San Leandro’s

$8.95 Batagor Stuffed fried tofu with fish paste
$12.95 Dry beef Rendang Sumatran curry beef
$11.95 Ayam Penyet Smashed fried chicken with chili
$15.95 Bebek Goreng Cabe Hijau (half) Fried Crispy Duck with green chili
$9.95 Ayam Goreng Kecap Fried Crispy glazed with sweet soy sauce and lime
$16.95 Iga Penyet Spicy chili beef ribs - served with white rice and grilled corn
$9.95 Pempek Palembang Traditional fish cake with spicy vinegar
$10.95 Mie Tek Tek Goreng Street style noodles with chicken, tomato, and vegetable
$11.95 Nasi Padang Sumatran rice plate with beef rendang, fried chicken, spicy eggs, and yellow pickles


$7.95 Baso Kampung Home-made Meat Ball
$9.95 Soto Ayam Tumeric Chicken Soup
$12.95 Sop Konro Beef Ribs Soup

$7.95 Sate Ayam Chicken Satay 4pcs-$7.95 6pcs-$10.95 1dz-$20.95
$11.95 Ayam Panggang Sumatra Grilled chicken with rendang sauce
$12.95 Ayam Panggang Madu Honey grilled chicken - served with rice and grilled corn
$16.95 Iga Panggang Home style BBQ beef ribs - served with rice and grilled corn
$12.95 Ayam Bakar Bumbu Bali Grilled chicken with spicy shrimp paste chili
$11.95 Ayam Bakar BBQ sauce Grilled chicken with home-made BBQ sauce


$1.25 Nasi Putih White rice
$2.50 Kerupuk Onion chips
$2.95 Jagung Bakar Grilled corn
$2.95 Emping Melinjo seed chips
$4.95 Lalapan & Sambel Terasi

$12.95 Nasi Bungkus Padang Varies
$12.95 Char kwe tiaw Pan fried broad rice noodles with chicken, vegetable and eggs
$12.95 Lontong Cap Go Me Curry vegetable, rendang, yellow chicken, egg and rice cake

$1.95 Air Kelapa Coconut Juice
$1.50 Assorted Soda
$2.25 Herbal Tea/Indonesian Tea
$1.50 Crysantemum tea drink
$2.00 Susu Kacang Soybean Milk
$1.50 Grass Jelly Drink
$1.50 Teh Botol (250ml) Indonesian favorite sweetened iced tea

$4.95 Ketan Hitam Black glutinous rice pudding with coconut milk
$5.95 Kolak Campur Banana, yam in rich palm sugar coconut milk
$4.95 Es Campur Mixed tropical fruit, grass jelly iced dessert
$3.95 Es Teler Avocado, young coconut, jackfruit, condensed milk
$4.95 Es Shanghai Coconut, grass jelly, avocado, pinneapple, condensed milk, syrup
$4.95 Es Kacang Red beans, white beans, jackfruit, condensed milk and coconut milk
$3.95 Es Cendol Rice flour flakes with jackfruit, palm sugar and coconut milk
$3.95 Es Kacang Hijau mung bean puree, palm sugar, shaved ice, and coconut milk


$4.95 Avocado
$5.95 Durian Seasonal
$4.95 Strawberry


12 Items $52.95 for 2 - $76.95 for 3 - $96.95 for 4 available upon request


Party tray/Tumpeng Please contact our Manager for detail info


Free delivery with a minimum order for East Bay $350.00, for San Francisco $450.00


Weekly Catering available for East Bay Area.
Please contact Jimmy at padicatering@comcast.net
for more info


15% Gratuity will be added to your bill automatically for party of 6 or more