Local Indonesian Favorite

Chef's Recommendation

Mini Rijstaffel

12 Items $49.95 for 2 – $71.95 for 3 – $89.95 for 4

Perkedel – Potato pancake
Sate Ayam – Chicken Satay
Gado Gado – Indonesian warm salad with peanut sauce
Telor Balado – Spicy Padang Style Fried Boiled Eggs
Dry Beef Rendang – Sumatra style curry beef
Ayam Penyet – Smashed Chicken
Tumis Buncis & Tempe – Sauteed Green Beans and Tempe
Sayur Nangka – Curry jackfruit
Mie Goreng - Fried vegetable egg noodles
Sambal Terasi – shrimp paste chili sauce
Kerupuk – Onion chips
Ketan Hitam – Black glutinous rice pudding with coconut milk

(There will be a $5.00 packaging charge for Rijstafel to go)


Gado gado
Mie Goreng Ayam
Ayam Penyet

Mini Rijstaffel