11:30 A.M. – 2:30 P.M (Monday to Friday only)

$7.95 Batagor Stuffed fried tofu with fish paste - served with peanut sauce $9.95 Pempek Palembang Traditional fish cake with spicy vinegar - served with noodles $7.95 Bakso Kampung Home made meatball soup


$4.95 Sate Ayam Chicken satay - 2pcs $5.95 Ayam Panggang Sumatra Grilled chicken with rendang sauce $6.95 Dry Beef Rendang Sumatran curry beef $4.95 Ayam Penyet Smashed fried chicken with chili $3.95 Telor Balado Spicy Padang style fried boiled eggs (2 pcs) $5.95 Iga Penyet Spicy chili beef back ribs $5.95 Iga Panggang Home style BBQ beef back ribs $5.95 Ayam Bakar Bumbu Bali Grilled chicken with spicy shrimp paste chili $5.95 Ayam Bakar BBQ sauce Grilled chicken with home made BBQ sauce $4.95 Tumis Buncis & Tempe stir fry green beans & tempe $4.95 Sambel Goreng Tahu & Tempe Tofu & Tempe w/ chili coconut milk sauce


$1.25 Nasi Putih White Rice   $2.50 Kerupuk Onion Chips $1.95 Jagung Bakar Grilled corn $3.50 Emping Melinjo Seed chips $4.95 Lalapan & Sambel Terasi

15 % Gratuity Will Be Added to your bill automatically for party of 6 or more