Most of our portion are made for 2-3 people, we suggest family style dinner

$7.95 Sate Ayam Chicken Satay 4pcs $7.95 - 6pcs $10.95 - 1dz $20.95
$8.95 Batagor Stuffed Fried Tofu with Fish paste - served with peanut sauce per order (half tray)
$9.95 Mie Tek Tek Goreng Street style fried noodles with chicken, tomato and vegetable (Half tray $49.95)
$9.95 Nasi Goreng Ayam Chicken Fried Rice (Half tray $49.95)
$9.95 Nasi Goreng Rendang Fried Rice with beef rendang sauce per order (Half tray $49.95)
$8.95 Gado Gado Indonesian warm salad with peanut sauce (Half tray $44.95)
$7.95 Bihun Goreng Kampung Fried vegetable rice noodle - add chicken $9.95 (Half tray $39.95 - $49.95)
$7.95 Telor Balado (4pcs) Spicy Padang style fried boiled eggs per order (Half tray $39.95)
$8.95 Terong Balado*** Chinese eggplant with spicy chili sauce
Curry jackfruit*** Sumatra style curry green jackfruit medium spicy
$9.95 Tumis Buncis & Tempe*** Sauteed green beans and tempe
$9.95 Terong Kecap*** Chinese eggplant, tomato, tofu in a sweet soy sauce per order (Half tray $49.95)
$8.95 Tumis Buncis Tahu Cabe Hijau*** Sauteed green beans with tofu and green chili (Half tray $44.95)
$9.95 Oseng Tempe Cabe Hijau*** Tempe with green chili, tomato, tofu in a sweet soy sauce (Half tray $49.95)
$9.95 Ayam Penyet (4pcs) Smashed fried chicken with chili (Half tray 30pcs $65.00)
$10.95 Ayam Panggang Sumatra Grilled Chicken with Rendang sauce (Half tray $74.95)
$10.95 Dry beef rendang Sumatran curry beef (Half tray $84.95)
$10.95 Ayam panggang madu Honey grilled chicken (Half tray $75.95)
$9.95 Ayam goreng kecap Fried chicken glazed with sweet soy sauce and lime (Half tray $69.95)
$11.95 Ayam Opor White curry chicken (Half tray $84.95)

Most of our food done with slow cooking method, Please allow 48 hour in advance for your order

Please contact Jimmy at for more info